Minutes with Mandy Stobo

We are so excited to get to know Mandy Stobo and thought it would be great for you guys to see what questions resonated with her as well. Mandy is a Calgarian artist who is behind the Bad Portraits Project and created some of the visuals on the CAMP website.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

M: Field of dreams is true. Work hard. Be kind. Give back whenever possible. Stop putting energy in worry and try to find positives in it all for creation. Don't judge you're own work, you will look back and be proud of being able to see your growth. Believe. Never lose curiosity. And always be grateful for the ability to try things, to fail, and to express your heart.

What is your current passion project?

M: Besides my kids, who are just magic, I am currently extremely passionate about creating emotions in VR artworks. I think it's so interesting to try and create a raw expression in such a digital realm. In addition to that, I am currently working on a new body of work that is a reflection of my journey and is the most vulnerable I've been in the studio so I am very excited. I think people need to experience vulnerability in order to heal or feel things that they might not want to in their own worlds. I am so grateful that I get to create a space for that.

What is your idea of success and failure?

M: I think they go hand in hand. Bad Portraits was a project created to illuminate the beauty in failure, whether it be failure to accurately draw, failure to see our own beauty, failure to find humour in fine art, etc... I think it's similar to going through trauma or getting your heart shattered. It expands your spectrum for both sides- the more you fail the more successes might surprise you. The more you embrace hardships the more happiness you can find in stillness and so on...

Join director Chris Dowsett, artist Mandy Stobo and visual effects supervisor Olaf Blomerus for an open conversation on the process of making the CAMP 2017 titles and documentary State of (the) Art. Grab your tickets now and come join the community of Campers.