We are so excited to bring you an interview we had with Daniel Schutzsmith, who is a business owner, designer, and developer. We had some great questions to ask and these were some of the answers he decided to share with us!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

D: Stick to your goals. I've always had similar goals since college but somewhere along the line you start letting up on achieving your goals. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I realized I'm happier working towards and achieving my goals in life rather than giving up on them. It's a priveledged thing to say, but no matter how hard life gets, you have to keep looking at your goals and figuring out new ways to achieve them.

What are you working on?

D: Making a mobile application for Amnesty International using the Ionic Framework and hooking into various APIs. The goal is to get notifications right on your mobile device when we have an urgent action that needs your help.

What is your current passion project?

D: Working on iconography for human rights organizations to share. The goal is a system that can easily explain the various aspects of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights without language. I'm actively looking for designers that want to help tackle this with me.

What is your advice to young creatives?

D: Learn everything you can about the complete process of your work and make it a process you follow consistently. Learn how to manage the process here

What is your idea of success and failure?

D: Failure is just the precursor to success. Failure hurts but don't let the wound get infected with your emotions for too long. Learn from failure, don't fret if you fail multiple times, and keep moving forward towards success.

Who inspires you in this moment?

D: Podcasters. I'm just in awe that this communication channel of podcasts has risen from the ashes in the past two years. Every podcaster is my personal hero for taking their time to share their knowledge and passion with me.

What advice would you have for younger designers?

D: Learn everything you can about other roles that you interact with in your work. I knew that one day I'd want to have my own studio, so I purposefully used about 10 years of my career working as different roles in a studio. I was a progrect manager, COO, design, coder, new biz executive, and more. The more you know about each role, the easier it will be to understand how to work with everyone better.

There you have it folks, wise words from a very talented man. Feel free to connect with Daniel and for more storytellers, interviews, stories and workshop check out the CAMP for more details!